4 Perfect Chia Seed Pudding Recipes

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Let’s go Chia crazy! I just love the texture of Chia Seed Pudding – a fun and healthy dessert. If you haven’t tried it, chia is one of those things, that blends so well with everything. It can pick up chocolately, fruity, and all kinds of other flavors perfectly.

It also has a fun texture that’s part soft and part crunchy. If they are made just right you almost get a popping burst that is totally irresistible!

Chia seeds are so hot right now. They are so healthy and have been overlooked until just the last few years. Chia seeds are rich in protein, have some Omega-3s and are rich in calcium too. They also have trace minerals like manganese and magnesium. They even have a bit of iron!

And my favorite way to eat Chia Seeds is Chia Seed Pudding! Here are 4 Recipes that are going to hit the spot and make your fall in love with Chia Seeds.

strawberry coconut chia seed pudding recipe in a coconut shell

[gmc_recipe 36967]  

mixed berry yogurt and chia pudding parfait pop shop america

[gmc_recipe 36979]  

blueberry lemon vanilla chia pudding recipe pop shop america

[gmc_recipe 36992]  

mango chia seed pudding recipe pop shop america

[gmc_recipe 37006]  

Did you happen to notice that all of these recipes are vegan? And every recipe is easy to make. It just involves an overnight soak. So which Chia Seed Pudding will you try first? Tell us in the comments and happy eating!

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