5 Mason Jar Hot Chocolate Mix Recipes – November Craft in Style (Part 2 of 5)

5 hot chocolate in mason jars recipes

It’s beginning to look a lot like the holidays! We’ve finally been getting some cooler weather so I’m excited to find new fun ways to stay warm. I love the look of Layered Mason Jar treats and this is the perfect DIY & Recipe (it’s a little bit of both). And it’s so gorgeous and gift worthy.

This is the second of 5 crafts that come in the November Craft in Style Subscription Box. That’s our Monthly Subscription Box that’s full of cool and modern DIYs that you can make at home. It’s so much fun!

If you are looking for Part 1 of the November tutorials, you can find the DIY Chalkboard Painted Mason Jars DIY here.

The ingredients we used are show below and from top to bottom and left to right they are: candy canes, Rolos, Ghirardelli Hot Chocolate Mix, Crunchy Marshmallows, Ghirardelli White Hot Chocolate Mix, White Chocolate Melters, Ice Flurry Sprinkles, and Cacao Nibs.

all the candy and mix ins to make layered hot chocolate mixes

We used all kinds of different ingredients for these recipes and both hot chocolate mix and white hot chocolate mix. These are just a few tasty ideas but we encourage you to think of your own! Think about how fun hot chocolate would be with a bit of toffee, peanut brittle, or even peanut butter all things that would be amazing that we didn’t include in these recipes.

The Craft in Style Box also includes these hand lettered recipe cards made by us! If you didn’t get the Subscription Box, that’s okay, you can download the recipe cards to print for yourself for free here.

layered hot chocolate mason jar mixes pop shop america

We used Ghirardelli Hot Chocolate and White Chocolate Mix for these recipes because we’re a huge fan. If you are using this mix, each mug that you brew will only need a few tablespoons of mix. Each mason jar will be around 4 servings of hot chocolate or perhaps more! But you can choose instead to use any mix that you like. So let’s get to making these delicious recipes.

White Chocolate Peppermint Hot Chocolate Mix

The first mix is a delicious blend of white chocolate and peppermint! All you need to do is add the White Hot Chocolate Mix to your mason jar until it’s about 2/3 full. Then, use candy canes to top it off! I crushed them, which made them look super pretty. It was hard to do with my hands so I actually gently tapped them with a hammer to break them up.

Ebony and Ivory Hot Chocolate Mix

This may be my favorite of the mixes! It’s a simple blend of regular hot chocolate mix and white hot chocolate mix in layers so you can see gorgeous striations of color! I also added just a touch of cacao nibs for fun.

First layer the chocolate, then add a layer of white chocolate. Between each layer, smooth the mix until it’s flat. Be sure to not use any shaking to try to smooth the layers as that will mix the colors. Instead use a spoon to flatten them. I added the cacao nibs to the white chocolate layer and then finished the mason jar with the regular chocolate. Be sure to not fill the mason jar past about 2/3 full.

ebony and ivory hot chocolate mix pop shop america

White Christmas Hot Chocolate Mix

Looking for something pretty that’s white on white? With this simple White Christmas Hot Chocolate Mix you get just that! Add white chocolate melters on top of the white chocolate mix until the mason jar is 2/3 full. It’s as simple as that!

Classic Marshmallow Hot Chocolate Mix

For a classic Hot Chocolate try this! Just layer your hot chocolate mix in your mason jar. Then add a tiny bit of cacao nibs for a bit of texture, crunch and rich flavor. Top with tons of crunchy marshmallows!

Ice Flurry Sprinkles Hot Chocolate Mix

For our last mix, we have something that’s oh so pretty! We found these lovely ice sprinkles that say winter flurry. To make this mix, add your hot chocolate mix to a mason jar until it’s almost 2/3 full. Top with these gorgeous sprinkles!

hot chocolate mixes with recipe cards craft in style november

Aren’t these Mason Jar Hot Chocolate mixes just dreamy! You can make one or many of these recipes. Scroll down to find a printable recipe card. And if you love these, don’t forget to shop the Craft in Style Subscription Box November of 2018!

mason jar hot chocolate mixes pop shop america

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final hot chocolate mix recipes in mason jars

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