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How to Make Lavender Simple Syrup

diy lavender simple syrup for cocktails

Few scents are as universally appreciated as lavender. It’s adored for it’s color, aroma and taste! The latter is what I’m most excited about lately. A while back, I was lucky enough to discover one of the most delicious cocktails EVER, the “Lavender Vesper.” Upon further investigation, I discovered the origins of this tasty bev […]

DIY Glittery Dinosaur Earrings

diy glittery dinosaur earrings tutorial pop shop america

You know how sometimes you see something that’s just objectively cool, like dinosaurs, and not only are they small, but they’re covered in glitter?? Well, that’s what happened to me when I saw the cutest ornaments ever: Supplies to Make DIY Glittery Dinosaur Earrings: Dinosaur Ornaments Jump Rings French Hooks In Addition to: Needle Nose […]

How to Make a Pine Cone Fire Starter

how to make a pine cone fire starter pop shop america

Confession: I’m having a love affair with my fireplace. Despite living in Houston, where temperatures reach “acceptable for indoor fire-making” approximately half a dozen times a year, I live for those rare occasions. It reaches a fevered pinnacle whenever a cold winter night overlaps with a party I’m hosting, which happened recently. During this fancy […]

DIY Hand Dyed Tights with Kool-Aid

How to Dye Tights with Kool Aid Pop Shop America

The Fall and Winter months are my favorites! Mostly because of the additional fashion accessory choices, with some warm beverages and a pleasant fire pit gathering or two thrown in for good measure. Cooler weather is (hopefully) right around the elemental corner, and that means we can finally wear full-coverage clothing without collapsing! That being said, […]

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