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Get Lost in GIFs: Psychedelic Tumblr Art by Pi Slices

pi slices tumblr art gif golden reflection

Get Lost in these Gifs! These experiments, pieces of art, trials of visual perception have minimal touches and clever illusions. They are all created by gif artist PI Slices who you can find on Tumblr. If you visit his website, you’ll see countless works of digital art that range from slow paced, to brightly colored, […]

Neo-Bohemian Jewelry: Meet Houston’s Modern Artifacts

Sterling Silver collection handmade jewelry houston modern artifacts

The first time I met Heather Wobbe I came face to face with an Amazon Goddess. She is well dressed, friendly, and fun. And she also happens to be the tallest woman I’ve ever seen in real life! She is absolutely mesmerizing.  Her handcrafted jewelry line, Modern Artifacts, is mesmerizing too. Her jewelry is elegant, […]

The Best Alternatives to Shopping at Hobby Lobby

the best alternatives to shopping at hobby lobby

In case you missed this in the news, in early July 2017 Hobby Lobby was fined $3 million dollars and forced to forfeit 5,500 stolen Iraqi artifacts.These artifacts were intended to be on display at Hobby Lobby’s Museum of the Bible set to open in DC near the end of 2017. Although Hobby Lobby maintains […]