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What is Purslane and Where to Find It

Foraging Purslane edible summer herb

Not all garden and sidewalk weeds are created equal, a not all are a scourge. Some are delicious, healthy, and pop up from the cracks in the concrete right when you need them most. Purslane (Portulaca oleracea) is one such annual summer herb. Purslane unfurls itself from between other plants in landscape beds, outdoor containers, […]

Winter Garden Greens to Grow in Zone 9

Winter Greens to Grow in Zone 9

Considering we’ve all become master gardeners this year, continuing our expertise into winter should be easy! One of the perks of living in Zone 9 is year-round gardening, and winter is a great time for growing out nutrient-dense greens for salads, soups, pastas, and sautés.  If you aren’t familiar with your plant hardiness zone, use […]

DIY Shea Butter, Coffee, and Cinnamon Scrub

diy shea butter coffee and cinnamon scrub

The peak of summer is here, and so is itchy, bug-bitten, bumpy, tired skin. Need a little moisturizing and revitalizing pick-me-up? Me, too! Which is why I decided to whip up a Shea Butter, Coffee, and Cinnamon Scrub. I live in Houston, Texas, and every summer—without fail, no matter the humidity—my skin somehow get simultaneously […]

How to Propagate a Pothos Plant in Water


Given we’re all spending more time inside these days, having a room full of house plants has even greater appeal. Eager to fill your space with even more green? No problem—grow new plants yourself! My ‘Silver’ Pothos (Scindapsus pictus) was getting a little overgrown, with long gaps in its vines between leaves, so I decided […]

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