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Vintage Tiles Phone Wallpapers Free Download

Free Vintage Tile Phone Backgrounds

It’s warm (hot most of the times), always sunny and totally Summer now! And Summer to me means bright colours, fresh fruits, travel and vacation… but also getting creative. And if you’re enjoying a sweet Summer vacation, then lucky you! As for me, this year I’ll stick to the creativity point 😉 And while I […]

Christmas Wallpaper Free Download

free mobile and desktop holiday wallpaper download

On this first day of Advent, who’s officially excited for Christmas season? This time of the year is just my favourite, and so I couldn’t resist the idea of putting together another of my seasonal hand-illustrated free wallpapers. This time it’s not dedicated to a season just in general, but I wanted to create one […]

4 More European Etsy Shops You Should Know About

European Etsy Shops You should know about

This and other blogs may contain affiliate links.  Not long ago I wrote about some of my favourite European Etsy shops, but the truth is there are so many more small businesses and creatives worth to support. I love discovering new handmade items on Etsy, and I love ordering from other creatives – that’s for […]

Fall Wallpaper Free Download

fall wallpaper download graphics

Hey there! Anyone else believes time is flying by a bit too quickly this year? It seems like yesterday that I started this seasonal series with my first Spring wallpaper… and tomorrow will be Fall already! I’m excited though, I love everything about Fall… I find orange leaves everywhere so very poetic, I love cozy […]

DIY Pressed Flower Framed Art

how to frame pressed flowers pop shop america

This blog may contain affiliate links.  Oh I love pressed flowers! There’s something about them so charming and elegant. And you might remember me experimenting with pressed flower to create a unique DIY phone case (that was almost one year ago, wow!). Well, I still love the idea of playing around with pressed flowers in DIY […]

Summer Wallpaper Free Download

free summer wallpaper background pop shop america

Summer is now officially here, and don’t know about where you live, but here in Italy we’re experiencing it at its fullest with a mixture of extreme temperatures and semi-tropical storms. Not sure what’s going on, but it’s making me SO looking forward to a vacation both ways. And if, like me, your vacation is […]

DIY Homemade Laundry Soap + Free Printable Labels

In the last few years my skin has become super sensitive to all sorts of chemical products. In the process of removing chemicals from my daily routine, starting from beauty and going straight to food, I discovered also clothes and fabrics can generate sensitivity in my skin, especially when washed with harsh soaps and fabric […]

Spring Wallpaper Free Download

With Spring being right behind the corner (-2 days, who else is excited?!), I’m sure I’m not the only one being so done with Winter and sparkling with enthusiasm each time I spot a flowering tree! Spring is my favourite season, with the weather starting to be warmer, the flowers blooming everywhere, the world becoming […]

Easy DIY Pom Pom Garland

How To Make An Easy DIY Pompom Garland

Ever since my obsession for knitting started back in Autumn, I began collecting more and more yarns until it became clear I wouldn’t have been able to knit that much during only one Winter! I also discovered the super fun art of making pom poms and, if only you could see my knitting storage basket, you’d say […]

How to make 2 easy DIY photography backgrounds

How to make two easy DIY photography backgrounds

Whether you’re a blogger, a new photographer or just someone who enjoys curating a pretty Instagram feed, I’m sure you’ve wondered at least once in your life how is it that everyone has the prettiest surfaces for photos all the time! I’m talking of all those beautiful aged wooden tables or floorboards, or again all […]

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