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Thorn & Moon: The Coven And The Apothecary


I know just what you’re into… It’s this. Thorn & Moon will be hosting a monthly market all their own to bring you occult adornments and handmade mystic faire. Shop their magical goods online anytime on their Etsy here. Introducing: Thorn & Moon Apothecary… Thorn and Moon began as three friends – Jessica, Dana, and Beth […]

Meet Artist Claire Ashley


Introducing Claire Ashley: She loves to explore and question the meaning behind our chosen mediums. Her works are constantly evolving, but here is a peak at an ensemble that is fun, playful and full of life–and helium! Art, imitating life, imitating art… Sculptures, imitating paintings, imitating sculptures… Meet Claire Ashley…   Please tell us a […]

Mystical Taxidermy Art By Kristen Jarvis

Kristin Jarvis Bronze Amethyst Crystalized Fairy Skull

This blog may contain affiliate links. Meet Kristen Jarvis, a young lady who crafts all kinds of mystical trinkets, like fairy-squirrels, and adorns animal skulls with sparkly crystals. They’re like sacred talismans, so unique and real that you wonder if they were always like that..      Please tell us a little about yourself and […]

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