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Meet School of Life Design: Self-Love & Mindfulness Made Simple

School of Life Design Tie Dye Banner

Have you ever heard people gushing about the Law of Attraction and just thought to yourself, “Get a grip. Jeez.”? Well, you’re not alone, but you should reconsider shutting them out and instead hearing what those weirdos have to say. If it comes on too strong by being called a “law”, well I have some things […]

Rasa Vil Jewelry: Magical & Intricate Art You Can Wear

Rasa Vilcinskaite Jewel Crown

This blog may contain affiliate links.  I know that you know I spend way too much time and money on Etsy. However, my obsessive browsing really pays off when I come across artists like this one. Miss Rasa Vilcinskaite‘s bead-work is mind-blowing and vibrant and unique, and ah – I am just gushing over here! Welcome these wonderful creations […]

Sketchbooks & Notepads for Comic Lovers by 1 Plus 2 Equals LOVE

1 Plus 2 Equals LOVE mini books

Welcome Jamie Chatterton and Francisco Castro of 1 Plus 2 Equals LOVE to the Pop Shop America Blog. These makers are regular vendors at our events and we just LOVE them! They sell unique, handcrafted journals and pencils alongside handmade goodies like bowls and spinning tops. They’ve had a long, interesting journey to get to where they […]

An Interview With Dan Lam, Sculptor & Artist of Ooey-Gooey Beauty

Dan Lam 'Subtle Hint' Sculpture

Presenting: Artist Dan Lam, a fellow Texan after my own heart with her ooey-gooey, magical sculptures. Lucky for us, Lam is in a 3 person exhibit at Anya Tish Gallery in Houston, TX on July 15th. Be there. She is also preparing a solo show that opens August 6 at Fort Works Art in Fort Worth, TX. Be mesmerized by these unusually […]

Meet Artist & Illustrator Madelen Foss

Madelen Foss Illustration Space Girl Snake Tongue Cutie

Fangirls commence: I just interviewed Madelen Foss! This was one of the friendliest interviews I’ve ever edited. I feel like I know this sweet little lady. Trying to describe her illustrations brings to mind sweet-sticky candy and the set of Saved by the Bell.  Her style is very mid century retro with sassy, spacey components. I’m a […]

Electric Painter & Illustrator Nichole Fern

Woman with Sunflowers Raindrops by Nichole Fern Painter Illustrator

I am so pleased to have had the chance to interview painter and illustrator, FERN. Her work seems to be spreading like wildfire across the internet jungle! Fern’s paintings are vibrant and colorful with an electric feel. I think they are a perfect merge of fine art and portraiture. You shall be thoroughly impressed…   First, please tell us […]

Meet The Makers of Brass Thread: Unique Jewels Handcrafted in Texas

Close up of the Black Beaded Elephant with Tusks Pendant

I came across Brass Thread while shopping at our Holiday Pop Shop last year. Their work was with Skout Shop, an awesome jewelry collaborative for independent jewelers and selling one-of-a-kind handmade accessories. I have been obsessing over the tiny details and sweet rhinestone accents that really make Brass Thread pieces stand out. Though putting beads onto […]

Cat Rabbit Plush: Handmade Cuties With Backpacks & Booties

cat rabbit plush bunny doll featured image pop shop america art blog

Our blog posts may contain affiliate links. Australian maker, Cat, is crafting magical handmade creatures with perfectly tailored wardrobes and handy little accessories. Hi! So, please tell us a little about yourself and your artistic background. Where are you from? Where are you going? My name is Cat and I am a textile artist living […]

Meet Houston’s CultGrrrl: Cute, Cuddly, and Macabre Crochet Creations


I have the pleasure of sharing another unique local treasure with you guys today. Mrs. Jess Carlos of CultGrrrl is a native Houstonian and a regular at our bi-annual Pop Shop Festival. She makes totally original, sometimes creepy, and completely adorable stuffed, crocheted figurines. (How do ya like them adverbs?) Seriously, though, she’s amazing.   […]

Plush Hand-Painted Dolls By Valentina Felce Of Blue Raspberry Designs

Alice in wonderland Handmade Plush Toys Tweedledee and Tweedledum

You guys! Look, look, loooook at who I’ve found! Over in Florida, Miss Valentina Felce is busy hand-making these wonderfully unique plush dolls and painting characters onto them. They are one of a kind and have a real vintage air about them. Please tell us a little about yourself and your artistic background. Where are […]

Meet Patricia Waller: Lowbrow Textile Artist

Patricia Waller Twins Teddy Bear Sculpture Lowbrow Textile Art on the Pop Shop America blog

Meet Patricia Waller, indeed. I am so excited to bring this unusual and totally morbid textile art to the Pop Shop America blog. Miss Waller has been growing her body of work for longer than I’ve been alive, and I am so grateful for her persistence and commitment to her craft! The pieces are so twisted, […]

Meet Freelance Photographer & Artist: Steph Wilson

steph wilson photography feature image london based artist lemon people

Steph Wilson is a London-based photographer and artist. Her photographs have this velvety richness about them that make the images rather surreal. She is also founder of Lemon People, an art collective where she works with other creators to realize all kinds of projects.   Hi Steph Wilson! So, tell us a little about yourself and your […]

Meet Chasity Porter of Houston’s Dormalou Project


If you live in Houston, you’ve definitely seen Chasity Porter‘s bus parked at events like Art Crawl and our own Pop Shop Holiday Festival. With a fully customizable interior and chalkboard skin, the wonderful bus is ever-changing and always open to interpretation. I am so excited to present to you an interview with the curator of mobile […]

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