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Sweet & Dainty Ink Drawings by Mai Ly Degnan

Girls Wearing Fox Masks Illustration | Drawings by Mai Ly Degnan | Visual Artists from Baltimore, MD

I came across Miss Degnan on a late night tumblr search for all-things “Moonrise Kingdom”. I eventually made it all the way to her Etsy (US) page and website portfolio. Her small-scale drawings of peoples and puppies and mermaids are sweet, abstract and covered in teeny, weeny details. Let’s find out a little more about her personal plans and creative […]

Daydream In Cyan: An Interview With Jaz Henry

Jaz Henry cyanotype printed Art

I was recently able to snag some of Jaz Henry’s free-time. She is a Houston-based artist that uses digital collaging and a unique developing process to reveal deeply conceptual images that have many different qualities, from dreamy to psychedelic to controversial. The artwork is beautiful and transcendental and very, very thought-provoking. Though each piece is open to vast interpretation, […]

PIDGIN Doll: The Handmade Fashionista & Muse from NYC

Pidgin Doll - Heart Outfit High Fashion Dolls

As a young girl, I collected all kinds of dolls. My friends and family will have you know that I still do, but the collections have matured, along with the dolls, and along with myself… I think. I don’t know how I came across Pidgin, but I have been in awe ever since. She is a […]

Sugar & Spice & Everything Alchemy: An Interview with Sarah Catface

SC Interview Image

Meet Sarah Catface and her bodacious posse of supernatural, sci-fi chicks. Tell us a little about your artistic background. Where are you from? Where are you meow? I’ve been drawing as long as I can remember. It’s always come naturally to me, so I never stopped. I grew up in all sorts of places in […]

Something Borrowed, Something Blue: An Interview With Ramon Maiden

Ramon Maiden Featured Image

It’s time to reveal my chat with the humble and worldly Ramon Maiden. He has a special style using small ball-point pens or water and ink to decorate old photos, vintage postcards, wooden hands and even porcelain figurines with intricate, tiny tattoos. His art is beautiful and easy to love. Let’s have a look-see and peer into […]

Picking Michael Reeder’s Brain

Michael Reeder Ritual Of The Sun

Michael Reeder’s paintings and murals truly reveal all the ranges of his talent. Painterly finesse, sharp graphic patterns, and grungy textures are pieced together in a way that proves his work both recognizable and unique. Where are you from? Where are you now? (Feel free to answer these literally, existentially, extraterrestrially, or however you feel fit.) I am […]

Artist Kristen M. Liu Forever

Kristen M. Liu Forever

This week, I chatted up Kristen M. Liu! It took all I had not to go full on fan-girl and scare her away. Her fun, naughty paintings are dreamy and electric. Every scene is like peering in on some big secret. She’s humble, she’s determined, and she’s brought to you by me, Nirvtastic. Enjoy!  So, we’d […]

Trevon Latin: Crafting Alter Egos

Trevon Latin: Crafting Alter Egos

In my short adult life in Houston I’ve had the pleasure of meeting and getting to know a lot of local artists, and I mean, a lot! Today, though, I want to shed some light on a recent UH graduate, Trevon Latin. His art, inspired by a mix of human interaction and pure fantasy, is both gritty […]

The Felt Art Wonderland of Once Again Sam

The Felted Wonderland of Once Again Sam Etsy Shop

This blog may contain affiliate links.  I certainly spend a fair amount of time on Etsy. Don’t we all? It really works that way–suggesting items, like little pieces of candy, leading us down the rabbit hole of hand-crafted treasures… Speaking of rabbits, one evening, I started a search with “cute taxidermy,” and ended up at a felted […]

Grrrl Power & Aliens: Meet Punkheart Patches

Stay Weird Brooch, Alien Felt Jewelry Punkheart Patches Grrrl Power & Aliens: Meet Punkheart Patches

I would like to introduce you all to the ambitious Miss Wendy ‘Punkheart’ Martin. She’s the dreamer behind Punkheart Patches, an adorable brand of handmade patches and brooches. Her candy-colored badges are stitched up with lace and love and feminist power! Image by Kristin Leigh Images by Wendy Punkheart via Punkheart Patches Anyway, I think her […]

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