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6 Natural DIY Facial Cleansers to Soothe Your Skin

6 Healthy Skincare Ingredients for Smooth Skin

Having healthy skin requires a lot of effort and understanding of what works for you personally. And of course knowledge of skincare products and ingredients is helpful too. Store-bought facial cleansers can get the job done but, at the same time, they have a higher risk of side-effects. If you are looking to cleanse your […]

5 Essential Oils that Can Transform Your Skin

my favorite essential oil blends for summer

Just as our hair needs oil for better growth and health, your skin does too!  Essential oils have a number of healthy components in them. And different oils have different benefits. Essential Oils rejuvenate the skin and can help solve many skin issues as well. The idea of applying oil to the skin, especially when […]

Male Celebrities Who Love to Craft

Written by Aliana Caithlyn, Blogger Photo: Still from Mouth & Foot Painting Artists When it comes to Hollywood A-Listers, the photos or news that we often see are about award shows, their latest projects, workout regimens and anything to do with their luxurious lifestyle. We tend to forget that they have hobbies and habits, just […]

10 of the Best Uses for Geranium Essential Oil with Recipes

how to use geranium essential oil pop shop america

This is a guest post by Sally Wong of There are many incredible essential oils that you can use for everything from cleaning your home to in your bath or beauty routine. I have many that have become favorites, including geranium essential oil. While not as popular as lavender or tea tree oils, geranium […]

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