Blackberry Sorbet Recipe

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Today I’m sharing an amazingly awesome tasting Blackberry Sorbet Recipe. It’s an easy recipe that I adapted myself.

It’s literally so easy anyone can make it and it’s also a delicious way to beat the heat this Summer. There are only four ingredients that you’ll need. You’ll also need a blender or a food processor for the job.

3 cups of frozen berries (we used blackberries this time)
1/2 cup sugar
1 can sweetened condensed milk (or 2/3 cup cream for a more traditional approach)
1 teaspoon vanilla (or a pinch of vanilla bean if you’re feeling fancy)


Throw all your ingredients into your food processor (it really doesn’t matter what order) and blend until all the fruit has been broken down and the consistency is smooth. Then spread into a shallow plastic container (we used ones we purchased from Ikea) and freeze for a few hours then serve and enjoy! There’s really nothing to it!

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You can substitute any fruit of your choice. We used blackberries grown in our backyard that we picked and then froze. It doesn’t seem to effect the recipe whether you use frozen or fresh, although it takes longer to blend. You could even buy bagged frozen fruit if you’re in a pinch. We tried four different variations of sorbet in blackberry, strawberry, blueberry and pineapple. Our favorite flavors were blackberry and blueberry! It’s super simple and a delicious summer treat.

Blackberry Sorbet Recipe

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