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How to Gain More Sales on Shopify Video Tutorial Series


Feeling inspired to grow, change, or create your website? YOU GOT THIS. It’s one of the most challenging, time consuming, and rewarding aspects of having a product based business. If you ask me, the two best platforms for building websites are WordPress/Woocommerce & Shopify. Both of them are great for different reasons and work best […]

The Best Alternatives to Shopping at Hobby Lobby

the best alternatives to shopping at hobby lobby

In case you missed this in the news, in early July 2017 Hobby Lobby was fined $3 million dollars and forced to forfeit 5,500 stolen Iraqi artifacts.These artifacts were intended to be on display at Hobby Lobby’s Museum of the Bible set to open in DC near the end of 2017. Although Hobby Lobby maintains […]

Top 5 Things You are Doing Wrong with Your Website


You might have seen Giada’s fabulous DIY’s before at Pop Shop America. She’s our latest blogger and created such memorable moments as the Pressed Flower Phone Case DIY, Foldable Autumn Package Templates, and these Hand Illustrated Recipe Card Printables. What you may not know about Giada is that she is also a web designer, coder, […]

How to make 2 easy DIY photography backgrounds

How to make two easy DIY photography backgrounds

Whether you’re a blogger, a new photographer or just someone who enjoys curating a pretty Instagram feed, I’m sure you’ve wondered at least once in your life how is it that everyone has the prettiest surfaces for photos all the time! I’m talking of all those beautiful aged wooden tables or floorboards, or again all […]

10 Lessons from 2016: A Pop Shop America Year End Review

pop shop america boutique interior heights_small

Happy New Year Everyone! Thank you so much for being a part of our 2016 and we look forward to a fabulous 2017! So much changes everyday. Here’s a fun recap of what our 2016 and an update for what to expect for 2017. We’ve learned so many lessons along the way. The days in […]

DIY Price Tag Ideas for Professional Craft Businesses


DIY Price Tag Ideas for Professional Craft Businesses – what an important way to upgrade your brand that you can do right now! Price tags are one of those items that are a total afterthought to makers and yet wildly important as a consumer. When you are purchasing an item in person, whether at a […]

WordPress Hack: Why You Shouldn’t Use Tags (and What to Do When You Have)


Tags! The most commonly misunderstood aspect of blogging with wordpress. Tags in your blog editor are often confused with meta tags. They are not the same thing. Tags in your WordPress Blog Editor are there to help you correlate information on your own website. They do not help you rank better, increase SEO or give […]

The Best Fall & Holiday Craft Fairs in the USA (2016)


Holiday Craft Fairs isn’t a thing that we invented. It’s a concept that means something to people all over. No matter where you are there are tons of cool holiday craft fairs that have feature amazing handmade artisan quality goods. What’s really interesting is the way that styles can vary from city to city and region […]

The Ultimate Guide: How to Sell Handmade at Craft Fairs EBook

Tonya Engel Foster Art Houston How to Sell Handmade at Craft Fairs EBook

Get the EBook Here Last month, I had the pleasure of teaching a two hour workshop all about how to sell handmade better at in person events. It’s not just about having the perfect product. It’s also about having the right attitude, having a good plan, being organized, and having a gorgeous booth display. It […]

How to Get Accepted to Every Craft Fair Every Time

renegade craft fair san francisco

Want to learn how to get into the craft fair of your dreams? We asked craft fair organizers from across the country for some quick tips about what they look for in applications. There are some general do’s and don’ts. There are basics about good quality photography and professional standards as well as more advanced […]

DIY Packaging Ideas to Upgrade Your Handcrafted Products

packaging ideas with sharpies pop shop america blog diy packaging

What’s more amazing that a well crafted handmade product? How about when it’s gorgeously packaged! I love it when a product is packaged so perfectly you can’t even open it. Or when the packaging is so inspiring that you need to save it. Here are some great ideas for all you handmade makers that are […]

3 Gorgeous & Easy Photo Backdrop DIY’s

Easy Photo Backgrounds Subway Tile Photo Backdrop DIY

I’ll admit it – when I started out as a blogger, my photos were crap. They contained no props, had horrible lighting and weren’t composed very well. Once I realized this, I took steps towards becoming a better photographer. One of the most beneficial things that I did was start to use a photo backdrop. This started […]