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Learn from Pop Shop America’s easy DIYs, instructables, and how to blog posts. Our DIYs are easy and fun and cover topics like how to make your own earrings, free printables, home, garden, art projects and other handmade awesomeness.

Dreamcatcher Printable with Inspirational Wolf Quote

DOWNLOAD THE PRINTABLE HERE I feel a little silly even saying Inspirational Wolf Quote but what else would you call this awesomely thoughtful saying? Here is a new free printable from us at Pop Shop America in a long series of cool and modern free printables! It’s a boho perfect watercolor image that will print perfectly […]

How to Water Air Plants – Tillandsia Terrarium Care

easy air plant care guide pop shop america

This blog may contain affiliate links.  We build a lot of terrariums at Pop Shop America! We build terrariums with succulents and cactus and we build them with air plants too. The reason we prefer these plants is because they are modern and stylish. But mostly we prefer them because they are easy to care […]

Which is Better: Shrinky Dink Paper or Grafix Shrink Film?

which is better shrinky dink paper or grafix shrink film

Shrinky Dink Paper has been receiving a lot of criticism lately. In 2014, the company was bought by Alex Brands, the toy company behind Backyard Safari, Slinky, and Scientific Explorer. With that came a bad batch of printable shrinky dink paper. Perhaps it was a batch or perhaps the new production of printable shrinky dink paper […]

DIY Paper Marbling with Shaving Cream


DIY Paper Marbling is so fun and simple. The supplies are no sweat to gather and the results are always totally stylish. This craft is easy, fun, and inexpensive. It makes gorgeous stationery. Use it to write a letter to a friend and style up your mail game. Or use it as a piece of […]

Plant Porn: Sexy Pictures of Succulent Terrariums

succulent terrariums at pop shop america

This blog may contain affiliate links. At Pop Shop America, we make succulent terrariums a lot! We host terrarium parties, teach private terrarium building workshops, and teach it as public workshops too. We have ready made terrariums available anytime at our boutique on 19th St. in the Houston Heights. We’ve blogged about how to create […]

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