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Which is Better: Shrinky Dink Paper or Grafix Shrink Film?

which is better shrinky dink paper or grafix shrink film

Shrinky Dink Paper has been receiving a lot of criticism lately. In 2014, the company was bought by Alex Brands, the toy company behind Backyard Safari, Slinky, and Scientific Explorer. With that came a bad batch of printable shrinky dink paper. Perhaps it was a batch or perhaps the new production of printable shrinky dink paper […]

DIY Paper Marbling with Shaving Cream


DIY Paper Marbling is so fun and simple. The supplies are no sweat to gather and the results are always totally stylish. This craft is easy, fun, and inexpensive. It makes gorgeous stationery. Use it to write a letter to a friend and style up your mail game. Or use it as a piece of […]

Plant Porn: Sexy Pictures of Succulent Terrariums

succulent terrariums at pop shop america

This blog may contain affiliate links. At Pop Shop America, we make succulent terrariums a lot! We host terrarium parties, teach private terrarium building workshops, and teach it as public workshops too. We have ready made terrariums available anytime at our boutique on 19th St. in the Houston Heights. We’ve blogged about how to create […]

How to make 2 easy DIY photography backgrounds

How to make two easy DIY photography backgrounds

Whether you’re a blogger, a new photographer or just someone who enjoys curating a pretty Instagram feed, I’m sure you’ve wondered at least once in your life how is it that everyone has the prettiest surfaces for photos all the time! I’m talking of all those beautiful aged wooden tables or floorboards, or again all […]

15 Homemade Marshmallow Recipes that are a Perfect Dream

It’s a fluffy whirl of sugary delight! Marshmallows are so amazingly delicious when they are homemade. So we put together 15 Homemade Marshmallow Recipes that are a perfect dream! And we’ve added just a few extra (and this free Marshmallow Label Printable that you can download too)! Marshmallows are a combination of simple ingredients – […]

How-To Curate Your Bookshelf with DIY Dust Jackets

DIY Dust Jacket

If the title of this post sounded incredibly boring, please bear with me – I swear it’s not! It’s actually incredibly cute and has lead to my bookshelf becoming much more visibly appealing. I decided to DIY dust jackets for my bookshelf and absolutely love the end result! When I moved into my bachelor apartment […]

10 of the Best Uses for Geranium Essential Oil with Recipes

how to use geranium essential oil pop shop america

This is a guest post by Sally Wong of There are many incredible essential oils that you can use for everything from cleaning your home to in your bath or beauty routine. I have many that have become favorites, including geranium essential oil. While not as popular as lavender or tea tree oils, geranium […]

Best Knitting Projects To Start This Winter

Seven of the best knitting projects to start this Winter

During the latest months of 2016 I’ve discovered knitting and if you catch my pun you’ll know I’m currently kind of hooked. Get it?! I have been looking online everywhere for the very best knitting projects to start, and I can now lay claim to a long list of knitting patterns I’ve already tested or […]

3 DIY Holiday Gift Wrapping Ideas

3 DIY Wrapping Ideas - Simple + Quick!

Now that we *should* all be sorted with Christmas shopping, it’s finally time to start wrapping! To me wrapping presents while listening to the best Christmas playlists is up there between my favourite things to do in the festive season, almost comparable to baking Christmas biscuits! I have a real dedication and care to beautiful […]

DIY Orange & Cinnamon Scented Winter Garland

diy orange and cinnamon scented winter garland tutorial pop shop america

This blog may contain affiliate links.  As the official first day of Winter is approaching and with the festive season being officially here already, I’m having a lot of fun while coming up with new cute and 100% natural ways to decorate my home for Christmas and Winter. That’s exactly how the idea of this […]

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