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How to Make Lovely Edible Candied Flowers

how to make candied flowers pop shop america

What is more gorgeous than a beautiful, crystallized flower topping your favorite recipe? These Candied Flowers are the perfect finishing touch for desserts, cocktails, and make a lovely accent to a charcuterie board. They make everything better because they are so stunning! Best of all, making them requires no cooking. So there’s nothing you can […]

Homemade Snowflake Shaped Marshmallows

how to make snowflake shaped marshmallows diy pop shop america

What’s better than homemade marshmallows? How about marshmallows that perfectly illustrate the beauty of the holiday season! These Homemade Snowflake Shaped Marshmallows are dusted with just a touch of peppermint and are the perfect wintery treat for your hot chocolate. Or you could leave them peppermint free and top candied yams with snowflake shaped marshmallows! […]

Winter Garden Greens to Grow in Zone 9

Winter Greens to Grow in Zone 9

Considering we’ve all become master gardeners this year, continuing our expertise into winter should be easy! One of the perks of living in Zone 9 is year-round gardening, and winter is a great time for growing out nutrient-dense greens for salads, soups, pastas, and sautés.  If you aren’t familiar with your plant hardiness zone, use […]

Spectacular Sugared Cranberries Recipe

Nothing says holidays more perfectly than Sugared Cranberries! The ruby red color is simple irresistible and they are such a versatile ingredient to add to pastries, desserts, drinks, and holiday charcuterie boards. I may love Sugared Cranberries more than my signature Thanksgiving Dish Tangerine Cranberry Sauce. I’m in love! Best of all, Sugared Cranberries only […]

How to Make Lavender Simple Syrup

diy lavender simple syrup for cocktails

Few scents are as universally appreciated as lavender. It’s adored for it’s color, aroma and taste! The latter is what I’m most excited about lately. A while back, I was lucky enough to discover one of the most delicious cocktails EVER, the “Lavender Vesper.” Upon further investigation, I discovered the origins of this tasty bev […]

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