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I love crystals. At Pop Shop America we handcraft gemstone jewelry. And at home, I decorate with rock & fossil specimens, and art prints of geodes. I like making crystals into everything! So here’s a fun way to dress up your fridge or office dry erase board with DIY Crystal Magnets. It’s another easy and stylish DIY.

agate-quartz-and-other-crystals stones to make crystal magnets

You can use any kind of crystal. I wanted to make a series in the same color palette so I found some quartz, agate slices, amazonite, and fluorite. All you need are a few additional supplies to make your DIY Crystal Magnets.


Magnets (small enough to be discreet)


This DIY is so simple but does have a couple of tricks.

Use the E6000 to glue the magnet to the crystal. Make sure the portion of E6000 is generous. Hold the magnet in place for at least a minute. It’s takes a full 24 hours for E6000 to dry and you should be really careful with your magnets until then. You may want to prop up your crystal magnet so that the magnet stays in it’s proper place while it’s drying.


Another trick is matching your magnet size and magnet strength to the size of the crystal. The magnets at craft stores aren’t too strong so be sure to go to the hardware store or order magnets online if you are mounting a heavy gemstone.


Now stick them on your fridge or anywhere you choose!

And Voila – DIY Crystal Magnets!

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