Summer Fashion Crush: Dresses with Cutout Backs

Summer Fashion Crush Dresses with Cutout Backs

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My Summer Fashion crush is dresses with cutout backs! Cut out backs are like a small mystery revealed. When we were working on this blog post about How to DIY T-Shirts in really cool ways, I ran into so many fashionable open backs that I loved!

Like this one that is handmade:

heart cut out back handmade tank top dresses with cutout backs

I saw this over and over again in DIY T-Shirt roundups and fell in love. Unfortunately, there’s no source to this photo, it’s an internet mirage.

But here are some dresses with cutout backs that you can find.

Whether your taste is DIY or Ready Made these dresses with open backs are smoking hot. It’s a perfect way to get through the summer in hot weather and keep it lightweight. It’s perfect for warm weather in the South.

Want to create your own open back look? Don’t miss our No Sew T-Shirt Alteration Video that you can watch here.

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One thought on “Summer Fashion Crush: Dresses with Cutout Backs

  1. Brandy says:

    I love open back dresses but I always have the undergarment problem 🙁
    I’ve never been able to successfully wear one because of it, but I see others pull it off, so I know it can be done.

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