Easter Bunny Hot Chocolate Spoons Recipe

hot chocolate dipping spoons recipe for easter square

Make the perfect Easter drink with these easy to make Easter Bunny Hot Chocolate Spoons!




  1. Melt chocolate in a double broiler using this method.
  2. Pour the liquid, tempered chocolate into the spoons molds and let them set in fridge for 40 minutes or on the counter for several hours. Allow the chocolate to completely set before moving on to the next step.
  3. Keep all the left over chocolate. We’ll use that to attach the bunnies and eggs to the spoons.
  4. Remove the spoons from molds. Melt a touch of the leftover chocolate and attach the bottom of the mini chocolate bunnies to the top of the spoons. Make sure the bunny is even on the top and bottom and left and right of the spoon. Work quickly because the chocolate will set fast.
  5. Again with a touch of the leftover chocolate, place 1 mini egg into the bowl of the spoon. Allow to set.
  6. To make the hot chocolate: Heat 6 oz. whole milk and 2 oz. heavy cream until hot. Place one of the hot chocolate bunnies in the mug and twirl to melt. Top with more Easter eggs, mini marshmallows, caramel sauce, sea salt, or anything else you heart desires!

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