Grandma’s Gluten Free Crepe Recipe

Recipe: Ingredients to Make a Sweet Gluten Free Crepe

I took my Grandmother’s simple, yet perfectly delicious crepe recipe, and added a gluten-free twist!




  1. Mix all your dry ingredients, then add in the liquids. Whisk until smooth.
  2. Spread a thin layer of butter onto the crepe/frying pan.
  3. Grab your ice cream scoop and fill it almost all the way, then quickly empty the spoon onto the pan.
  4. This is the quickest/most important part! Grab the pan handle and swirl it around in circles so the batter moves around and fills the pan. Usually the first crepe doesn’t come out well, so don’t get discouraged!
  5. The hard part is over! Now wait until the edges brown, then flip it over (you can use a spatula or fork for this, but I usually just use my hands.).
  6. Wait a minute or two, and then you are done! Enjoy your sweet or savory crepes by yourself or with some friends!

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