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Feeling inspired to grow, change, or create your website? YOU GOT THIS. It’s one of the most challenging, time consuming, and rewarding aspects of having a product based business. If you ask me, the two best platforms for building websites are WordPress/Woocommerce & Shopify. Both of them are great for different reasons and work best for a very different type of user.

WordPress/Woocommerce is fabulous if you like coding and want a bit more customization. It offers a lot of flexibility and is great for blogging, managing events, and more.

Shopify is more beginner friendly and is a bit more drag and drop. It’s user friendly and easily connects with your credit card bypassing annoying merchant service api’s. (If you don’t know what I mean by that, be glad that Shopify exists!)

Shopify recently got even more user friendly by creating this video series about How to Gain More Sales featuring our favorite ECommerce Guru Ezra Firestone.


These videos will walk you through the basics of web design and shopify set up to more advanced techniques like troubleshooting your website and SEO for your products and blogs. Here are a few of the most helpful videos.


What’s great about these videos is how easy and clear they are to understand. And they are divided into small units so that you can tackle one subject at a time. The videos explain lots of technical knowledge about web building. And it contains lots of inspiration and ideas to grow your business.

One of the most commonly ignored pages that’s highly engaging is the product offer page. I actually heard Ezra Firestone talk about this in a webinar before seeing this video. And it really changed the way I was thinking about Pop Shop America’s product purchase pages. Mind Blown!


So now get going and build that website! And sign up for our list below to get Free Ebooks to grow your business sent to you every month.

Free Small Business Tools from Pop Shop America DIY Blog

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