How to Grow Your E-News List Mini E-Book

grow your ENews EBook by Pop Shop America

What do you want when people visit your website? You want them to return, to become customers, or friends? Don’t let people just visit your website and leave! Then you better get in the E-News game and convert visitors into more. Read our Free E-Book to learn what you can do now to gain more E-News Sign Ups.

A Couple of Fun Facts about E-News

It’s harder to gain new customers than to retain your current ones.

A E-News subscriber is worth more than a facebook fan, more than an Instagram follower. It’s the highest coverting way to engage with your audience. ConvertKit created this handy comparison of sales conversions from different social media platforms.

  • YouTube: 2.2%
  • Twitter: 5.4%
  • Facebook: 6.3%
  • Email: 9.4%

E-News converts almost twice as many sales as any other platform. So what’s stopping you? Read this How to Grow Your E-News List Mini E-Book and take some steps to growing your business.

how to convert enews subscribers ebook pop shop america

Let’s Dissect this E-Book

Above is a screenshot from our Sumo List Builder. I’m a huge fan of Sumo because it’s such an easy way to create pop ups on your website. And this shows how many Enews Subscribers that pop up drove in 2 weeks! Just check out the dates at the bottom.

This number of subscribers doesn’t include the other methods we used. We talk about this more in the Ebook but to quickly review, most of our subscribers come from our pop up.

Some come from our offer that we add to every single blog page and every single shop page. It offers people 15% off their first order when they sign up. We use several different ones to keep our pages fresh.

One of my favorite ways to convert is to create an Enews sign up page on your website and then link to it across your social media channels. Why send people to your homepage, when you can send them to a higher converting page like an Enews sign up? You can see how we did that on our Instagram here.

Another important tool is capturing those E-News sign ups in person! If you have a store or are participating in an event, you must have an E-News sign up sheet! Don’t miss the opportunity for the best way to convert casual visitors into long term fans.

Mailchimp is by far my favorite Enews templating software because it’s drag and drop. It’s so easy to use. It’s completely free when you have 2,000 subscribers or less, so using it is a no-brainer. Here’s what our last E-News looks like. We send our our E-News twice a month but once a month is great too. I don’t recommend sending them once a week or every day. With that frequency, you are going to loose a lot of readers every time you send making it a hard pace to keep up with.

Love this topic and want to dig in deeper?

Here’s a great article about the ROI and value of different social medias by Shopify.

Convert Kit examines the value of an E-News subscriber in this blog here.

Here’s a smart guide to creating pop ups that convert.

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