How to Make Crunchy Marbled Icing


Oh we love to marble everything! We especially love to marble food because it makes it so pretty to eat! Just check out this Rainbow Unicorn Yogurt here. Marbled Icing is particularly easy and oh so fun. I mean aren’t these cookies just the most darling thing you have ever seen?

Here’s how to make Crunchy Marbled Icing for yourself!


It’s a regular Crunchy Frosting Recipe for Cookies but this one is special because of the way we blended it.

You are going to need to use color for this recipe, so be sure to have some food dye on hand and consider your color palette. I get my dye on Amazon because you can find a huge array of colors and make something that’s truly special. The colors you find at the grocery store are quite limited.


For this recipe, we used a gorgeous plum on top of these Gingerbread Cookies! They were super delicious! If we were making a standard sugar cookie we might replace the almond extract with lemon. Although the almond is really subtle, you could also consider replacing it with vanilla – if you want something neutral and super classic.

As far as the marbling goes, that’s really just about swirling with a toothpick. Make sure you use a fresh toothpick everytime and be careful to keep your edges intact – that will make your cookie look super professional. Keep a strong line border of frosting.

While the frosting is still wet, dab a color on one side and another on the other side. Use your toothpick to swirl them until they meet in the middle and continue to gently swirl to blend the colors.

Do not overswirl because then you will end up with all one color – something in between the two colors that you choose. Do not use more than 2 colors at a time or you may end up with brown.


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