How to Make the Best Cheese Plate

gorgeous cheese plates how to make the best cheese board

Get in my belly!

The most delicious thing in the world to me is a perfect cheese plate. It’s a fun appetizer and it even works as a dessert. A cheese plate is perfect for a picnic and perfect around the holidays.

The gooey, the creamy, the totally decadent goodness. And you don’t even have to cook!

Here are my top tips on How to Make the Best Cheese Plate in the World.

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Think Out of the Box

The Best Cheese Plates need something special! Add something special by adding a new cracker that you’ve never tried before, or guava instead of apple. Whatever you choose think fun and new.

Add Hummus

It’s something healthy to break up the decadence of cheese. I love adding hummus or baba ganoush and veggie slices too. Endive is also a nice ingredient to use with your hummus and so underappreciated.

Make a Breaded Baked Brie

Here’s one of my favorite recipes for a baked brie in a puff pastry. It’s a fun and exciting addition to any cheese plate!

Always Include a Chutney

Chutney, chutney, chutney! So yummy and so perfect with light and creamy cheeses. This ingredient is a must for me! Chutney is really just the same thing as fancy jam. I like to choose ones that have herbs or a savory note to them. I also love chutneys from unique fruit like figs, nectarines, and plums.

Always combine Fruit, Nuts, Crackers, and Cured Meats.

Having a bite of everything is a must! Make yourself a well rounded plate but adding fruit, nuts, crackers, olives, fresh bread, chutneys, and cured meats. You don’t have to choose them all but choosing a few is a must.

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Go for the Best Cheese You Can Find

The quality of the cheese makes all the difference! If you want a budget cheese plate, less cheese is better than inexpensive cheese! You can always save a little by reducing the cheese and cured meats and adding more fruits and veggies.

Get Different Types of Cheese

You gotta have a hard cheese and a soft cheese. You gotta have a creamy cheese and one that is more robust. Trying a few different cheeses is a must!

Consider Presentation

My favorite thing is when all of the little morsels are lined up, organized, stacked, and plated in a cute way. Use your best dishes, color patterning and organization skills to make The Best Cheese Plate truly special.

Decorate your Cheese Board

Add fresh herbs to your plate or a bouquet of fresh flowers. Plate your cheese plate on a piece of marble or a wood cutting board. The sky is the limit to how you cute things up.

Label Your Cheeses

Label your cheeses like this with adorable tags. This is something you could DIY that would be so useful for a party. It’s a fun way to keep everyone informed about what their eating and help people find their new favorite cheese.

Add a Surprising Twist

Nothing is better than the element of surprise. Add something unexpected to your cheese plate every time!

Add Elegant Fruit

Elegant fruit is such a cheese plate upgrade! Try blood oranges, figs, champagne grapes, or currants.

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Separate and Slice Your Cured Meats

Nothing is lovelier than a perfectly sliced piece of Soppressata or a perfectly rolled slice of prosciutto. Be sure to prep and plate your cured meats into bite sizes!

Get Fresh Bread from a Local Bakery

Fresh vs. store bought. What a difference! Bread is an easy and inexpensive upgrade that will make such a lovely dish. And if you are thinking about a cheese plate that won’t leave you hungry, this is a must.

Eat Every Last Bite

Well that’s just a must! And it’s the most fun part.

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Happy Eating!

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