Shopping Manayunk | Handmade Philadelphia, PA

View Overlooking Manayunk | Manayunk Shopping District Philadelphia PA | Handmade and Vintage Shopping Manayunk

I bet it’s no surprise that there are lots of cool DIY, handmade, and vintage boutiques in Philadelphia, PA! Philadelphia is quite the industrious city with a history of perseverance. For people in the city, everything is better that’s from Philly. Handmade is all over and there are some particularly cool shopping areas, like South […]

Sweet & Dainty Ink Drawings by Mai Ly Degnan

Girls Wearing Fox Masks Illustration | Drawings by Mai Ly Degnan | Visual Artists from Baltimore, MD

I came across Miss Degnan on a late night tumblr search for all-things “Moonrise Kingdom”. I eventually made it all the way to her Etsy (US) page and website portfolio. Her small-scale drawings of peoples and puppies and mermaids are sweet, abstract and covered in teeny, weeny details. Let’s find out a little more about her personal plans and creative […]

Tips for a Perfect Starlight Mint DIY Platter

starlight mints platters finished how to diy a starlight mint plate holiday diy's christmas crafts

If you’ve been on Pinterest this year, you’ve probably seen the starlight mint diy’s. It’s pretty hot right now. I’ve seen it in many version with green or red starlight mints, plates, bowls, holiday ornaments, and other decorations. To create a Starlight Mint Platter: -Cover a springform pan or cookie sheet with parchment paper. -Set the […]

Daydream In Cyan: An Interview With Jaz Henry


I was recently able to snag some of Jaz Henry’s free-time. She is a Houston-based artist that uses digital collaging and a unique developing process to reveal deeply conceptual images that have many different qualities, from dreamy to psychedelic to controversial. The artwork is beautiful and transcendental and very, very thought-provoking. Though each piece is open to vast interpretation, […]

PIDGIN Doll: The Handmade Fashionista & Muse from NYC

Pidgin Doll - Heart Outfit High Fashion Dolls

As a young girl, I collected all kinds of dolls. My friends and family will have you know that I still do, but the collections have matured, along with the dolls, and along with myself… I think. I don’t know how I came across Pidgin, but I have been in awe ever since. She is a […]

Midwest Craft Con Takes Place Every February

craft lights

The Midwest Craft Con is on! We can’t wait until February because the Midwest Craft Con is happening in Columbus, Ohio. We got to chat with Grace Dobush, the creator of Crafty Supermarket, and one of the organizers of the Midwest Craft Con about the event. BB: When, Where, and What is the Midwest Craft Con? […]

Fall Gifts from Modcloth in the Color of Changing Leaves

fox mug animal ceramics from modcloth cute mugs for fall

As Urban Outfitters is the villain to all indie designers, Modcloth is the heroine. Modcloth works with over 700 independent and small designers around the globe and offer contest to allow customers to vote on new designs into production at Modcloth. Urban Outfitters on the other hand, notoriously steals from small designers – like this […]

Sugar & Spice & Everything Alchemy: An Interview with Sarah Catface

SC Interview Image

Meet Sarah Catface and her bodacious posse of supernatural, sci-fi chicks. Tell us a little about your artistic background. Where are you from? Where are you meow? I’ve been drawing as long as I can remember. It’s always come naturally to me, so I never stopped. I grew up in all sorts of places in […]

Turn Everyday Vintage into Extraordinary Halloween Costumes

how to turn vintage into halloween costumes alice in wonderland

Halloween is right around the corner! Are you ready? Do you ever crave a Halloween costume that doesn’t feel like a costume? I know I do. Sometimes you just gotta wear something made of a nicer fabric that fits better than your average Halloween Costume. Sometimes we all need a costume that’s a little different, […]

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