How to See What Content from Your Website Others Have Pinned on Pinterest

See What's Been Pinned on Pinterest by Others in this easy tutorial

Pinterest is a giant of social media. We at Pop Shop absolutely love it. It’s perfect for creative businesses. The pins that you create are permanent and can get repinned at any time. It’s full of handmade goods and the best place to see dreamy, idealized, beautiful, creative everything. Many pins are direct from […]

Something Borrowed, Something Blue: An Interview With Ramon Maiden

Ramon Maiden Featured Image

It’s time to reveal my chat with the humble and worldly Ramon Maiden. He has a special style using small ball-point pens or water and ink to decorate old photos, vintage postcards, wooden hands and even porcelain figurines with intricate, tiny tattoos. His art is beautiful and easy to love. Let’s have a look-see and peer into […]

Picking Michael Reeder’s Brain

Michael Reeder Ritual Of The Sun

Michael Reeder’s paintings and murals truly reveal all the ranges of his talent. Painterly finesse, sharp graphic patterns, and grungy textures are pieced together in a way that proves his work both recognizable and unique. Where are you from? Where are you now? (Feel free to answer these literally, existentially, extraterrestrially, or however you feel fit.) I am […]

Shop at The Heights Newest Boutique Lush & Co.

Cute frames at Lush & Co.

*Note: Since this blog was written, Lush has moved to: 2000 FM 2978 Magnolia TX The Heights is continuing to grow with interesting and individual boutiques. One of the newest, Lush & Co. opened on 11th next to Zelko Bistro and near the corner of Studewood by Hello Lucky. Lush & Co. is a super […]

No Churn Blackberry Sorbet Recipe

easy diy blackberry sorbet recipe pop shop america

In the hot, hot, heat of summer, I need something refreshing to cool down. These Mixed Berry Yogurt Pops are a go to. But this recipe is even more fresh, wholesome, and fruity. Today I’m sharing an amazingly awesome tasting Blackberry Sorbet Recipe. It’s an easy recipe that I adapted myself. It’s so easy anyone […]

What to Bring to a Craft Fair Printable Checklist

DOWNLOAD THE CHECKLIST HERE Here is a super easy ‘what to bring to a craft fair’ checklist. These are the essentials! It’s easy to forget a thing or two while you are packing, so print this bad boy out and check them off as you go. At Pop Shop, we’ve worked with a lot of […]

Mismatch Your Earrings

Toast Earrings

Mismatch Your Earrings! This is a super fun way to reinvent your style, hang onto mismatched earrings that you can’t stop loving, and dress outside of the box. A while back, I wrote this blog post called Get Your Dresser Cleaned Up! It was stylish and fun because everyone knows that keeping a clean dresser […]

Artist Kristen M. Liu Forever

Kristen M. Liu Forever

This week, I chatted up Kristen M. Liu! It took all I had not to go full on fan-girl and scare her away. Her fun, naughty paintings are dreamy and electric. Every scene is like peering in on some big secret. She’s humble, she’s determined, and she’s brought to you by me, Nirvtastic. Enjoy!  So, we’d […]

Dreamy Handmade Back to School Supplies

dreamy handmade back to school supplies pop shop america

This blog may contain affiliate links.  Some people are just born to learn! If you love being in the classroom as much as we do, you must check out all these handmade items that you can shop now. They are all back to school perfect! You can find backpacks, stationery, pencils and everything you need […]

Eado Vintage Celebrates Grand Opening

Eado Vintage Celebrates Grand Opening

The neighborhood east of Downtown Houston (known as “Eado”) recently celebrated the grand opening of Eado Vintage. The shop is nestled on the corner of Polk and Dumble Streets, in a small strip mall that is slowly coming back alive with local businesses. The owner- Jennifer Rowland has always had a keen eye when it involves […]

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