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Black Friday Festival – Early Info for Makers

Pop Shop Houston Black Friday Festival 2015 Map and Info

We’re so excited to tell you more about Pop Shop Houston Winter Festival! It’s our third year and we have grown so much. This is the first year that the festival moves to being 3 days! We’re also adding more bands, fashion shows, art, and fun stuff to do. So here’s the skinny. Pop Shop […]

Gerard Baldwin at Pop Shop

Painter Smurf Artwork by Gerard Baldwin | Smurfs Animator Gerard Baldwin

For the first time in 4 years Gerard Baldwin, the only living animator from the Hana-Barbera creative studio and animator for The Smurfs, will be exhibiting cartoons of that era. And here is the craziest part. . .They are all very affordable! Baldwin is also bringing his Emmys that he won for his work on […]