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Shop handmade online! Like Etsy, Brit.com, Brika and more shopping local and shopping small is at your fingertips. Learn more at Pop Shop America Modern Craft Company & DIY Blog.

4 More European Etsy Shops You Should Know About

European Etsy Shops You should know about

This and other blogs may contain affiliate links.  Not long ago I wrote about some of my favourite European Etsy shops, but the truth is there are so many more small businesses and creatives worth to support. I love discovering new handmade items on Etsy, and I love ordering from other creatives – that’s for […]

European Etsy Shops that are a Shopping Dream Come True

Five European Etsy Shops that are a Shopping Dream Come True

We all know about the importance of buying local but also supporting small independent businesses the web is so full of nowadays! I’ve always been a lover of Etsy because of this, so full of hand-crafted unique products, the one you can see the attention of details and quality of from miles away. There are […]

Daydream In Cyan: An Interview With Jaz Henry

Jaz Henry cyanotype printed Art

I was recently able to snag some of Jaz Henry’s free-time. She is a Houston-based artist that uses digital collaging and a unique developing process to reveal deeply conceptual images that have many different qualities, from dreamy to psychedelic to controversial. The artwork is beautiful and transcendental and very, very thought-provoking. Though each piece is open to vast interpretation, […]

PIDGIN Doll: The Handmade Fashionista & Muse from NYC

PIDGIN Doll The Handmade Fashionista & Muse from NYC

As a young girl, I collected all kinds of dolls. My friends and family will have you know that I still do, but the collections have matured, along with the dolls, and along with myself… I think. I don’t know how I came across Pidgin, but I have been in awe ever since. She is a […]

Holiday Gift Guide Release

Handmade Holiday Sales at the Pop Shop America Blog | Save Money on Handmade Goods

In this holiday gift guide, we’ll show you affordable handmade items that you can buy online! Check out the Best Holiday Sales on Handmade Goods 2015 Edition Here! We’ll also feature handmade, vintage, and cool businesses that are having holiday sales. We’ll show you what their products look like, what the sale is, and where […]

Pop Shop Labor Day Sale

Use the Coupon Code snowcone! It’s our annual Labor Day Sale! Get 15% off anything online (except for Workshop & VIP Passes) Friday through Monday through a special coupon code released here, on the homepage, and via our enews the Friday before Labor Day. Shop little or shop big from tons of handmade goods available […]

Earring of the Month Club Ends

The earring of the month club and the earring club pack are available January 1st and run through Valentine’s Day! This is a special sale on 12, 6, or 3 pairs of handmade earrings available at Pop Shop America. Get earrings mailed to you for half the price! You’ll get new earrings every month! This is […]

Houston Maker Award Nominations End

Nominate your favorite Texas makers January 2014-December 2014 for the following categories: Best Boutique, Best Food Truck, Best Festival (Pop Shop can’t be considered since were hosting the contest), Best Blogger, Best Maker in the following categories: Visual Art, Product Design, Vintage, and Fashion, and MVP (consider this one for the nicest/easiest/most awesome maker or […]

New Years Sale

New Years Sale Promo Square from the Pop Shop America Online Shopping Website | Gift Shops Art for Sale Houston

Use the coupon code newyou to  Save 15% online on the items you’ve been dying to get all year long. This is a flash sale that only lasts New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day! New Year, New You.

Pop Shop Online Grab Bag Sale

goodie bag goodies | Goodie Bags are Given Out to the First in Attendance at Each Festival and Pop Shop America has an online sale each year with our own goodies included for free.

Don’t miss the first ever Pop Shop America grab bag sale! All Sale Items will come with free Pop Shop Houston t shirts and/or goodies and gifts. We’ll reveal some of the goodies on our social media but others will be a surprise! Some of the goodies are only available once a year through the […]

Hallows Look Book Release

Creepy Girls Holding Hands | Abandoned House | Fashion Photography

Check out our online catalog of beautiful magical items just in time for Halloween.  Fashion, jewelry, and beauty products for self renewal, good health, and to help you with your positive projection. This catalog will be on view today through November 2nd.

Holiday Sales from Handmade Companies

Lisa Chow Artist | Best Artists in Texas | Handmade Art Shops | Etsy Shops from Houston

This holiday season can be filled with handmade gifts. You can even save a buck without having to stand in a line or wrestle you sale items out of someone else’s hands. All of this shopping can be done online, in the comfort of your own home, and arrive before the Holidays. Vegan Apparel   […]

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