The 12 Most Gorgeous Flower Crown DIYs

flower crown boho diy fall colors

I will never tire of flower crowns. They are perfect for summer and full of boho fun. Lately, I’ve been seeing more and more different and unusual flower crowns – barrettes, crowns with succulents, crowns with baby’s breath, and lots of other super cute ideas.

Here’s my top picks of Flower Crown DIY’s in 12 different styles. You could have a flower crown for every day of the week and even a few extras!

1. Flower Combs by Bride & Breakfast

flower-comb-diy-bride and breakfast

What I Love about this DIY: This diy uses faux flowers which means you can keep them forever. This is also a great way to wear your hair messy or add flowers to your updo.

2. Succulent Flower Crown by Needles & Leaves

succulent crown flower crowns from the pop shop america blog

What I Love about this DIY: Succulents. Need I say more? This crown is so lush and green. It’s perfect because it almost has a monochrome kind of color. Succulents also live a long time so for fresh flower crowns, this one will last the longest.

3. Baby Breath Flower Crown by This Heart of Mine

What I Love about this DIY: Here’s another long lasting crown using fresh flowers. This would be so perfect for a wedding and the all white and delicate baby’s breath feels so innocent and delicate.

4. Frida Kahlo Flower Crown by A Pair and a Spare

frida kahlo flower crown diy a pair and a spare
What I Love about this DIY: I love the rich red hues of this flower crown and the way it’s styled with a braid updo. This crown would also be so perfect in an array of colors like red, yellow, pink, and white – which is also very Frida Kahlo inspired.

5. Backyard Shrubs Flower Crown by The Crafted Life

How to make a backyard flower crown boho diy at pop shop america

What I Love about this DIY: These plants are so thick, lush, and green! I’ve seen these in yards before which opens up a whole new possibility of using plants of shrubs from your own backyard to make a crown! Now that’s a true DIY.

6. Rock & Roll Flower Barrettes by Tattooed Martha


What I Love about this DIY: It’s something about the color scheme or size of the flower that gives this DIY more of a bad girl vibe than a prim and proper vibe. And I like that. This would also be the perfect flower for any occasion and would dress up or dress down so easily.

7. Half Moon Flower Crown by Lovely Clusters

half moon flower crown diy pop shop america

What I Love about this DIY: I love this unique spin on a flower crown by keeping the concentration of flowers in the back. I’ve seen this Half Moon style of flower crown at Cosmo Magazine and Lauren Conrad too!

8. Laurel Crown like Julius Caesar by Little Den Blog

laurel flower crown caesar style leaf crown diy

What I Love about this DIY: This crown takes you to another place and time. This would be so fun for dress up but it’s also a cool a different crown for a special occasion. I love it in all gold too!

9. DIY Lace Crown by Beau Coup

lace crowns diy by beau coup blog

What I Love about this DIY: Okay I know these aren’t technically flowers but aren’t they the dreamiest? These are easy to make a fun use a lace. I love the rhinestone accents too.

10. Fall Colored Flower Crown by Likely by Sea

flower crown boho diy fall colors

What I Love about this DIY: I love the colors in this crown these rich plums and purples are so fun. Also this blogger is from Houston – represent! It’s always fun to run into a blogger on the internet that you’ve never met irl even though you are in the same city!

11. Crepe Paper Flower Crown by Lia Griffith

crepe paper flower crown diy by lia griffith

What I Love about this DIY: This DIY comes with free printables that you can download at and makes this gorgeous crepe paper crown. The colors are so perfect too!

12. Flower Crown Kit from Oh Dina Flower Crowns Etsy Shop

flower crown diy kit from oh dina flower crowns etsy shop

What I Love about this DIY: Oh Dina Flower Crowns has tons of different DIY Kits so you have all the pieces you need to make your own flower crown. I love kits because they take the guesswork out of DIYs. It makes the whole experience much more fun!

Bonus: Braided Leather Flower Crown by Sew Country Chick

braided leather flower headband by sew country chick boho diy

What I Love about this DIY: Anything leather! Am I right or am I right? This DIY is simple and combines gorgeous flowers with gorgeous leather.

Need even more Flower DIY’s in your life? Check out our Pinterest Board full of Flowers here.



4 thoughts on “The 12 Most Gorgeous Flower Crown DIYs

  1. Cynthia says:

    Thanks for the shout out! I made the purple flower crown. This is a great round-up. My favorites are the flower barrettes, and the Frida Khalo crowns. I love everything from a Pair and a Spare, though. 😉

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