2017 Printable Craft Calendar – 12 Months of Stylish DIY’s


Happy New Year! Here is a free 2017 printable craft calendar from us at Pop Shop America!

We’ve brought together 12 months of stylish DIY’s into one calendar. All of these DIY’s are perfect for their month and their season and all of them can be found on the Pop Shop America blog with step by step instructions.


This is the perfect way to stay inspired all year long. These diy’s are fun to make and wonderful to look at. This 2017 printable craft calendar is perfect to add to a clipboard and hang on your wall. You can also use it as a desktop background for your computer. Or just keep it handy online, on your phone, or computer. You could even print it out month by month to stay up to date!


Here are all the corresponding DIY’s that are featured each month: 

January – Dewberry & Sauvignon Blanc Jam
February – Free Valentine’s Day Printables
March – Terrarium Candles
April – DIY Wildflower Seed Packs
May – Pressed Flower Phone Case
June – Grilled Wedge Salad Skewers
July – Free Printable Terrarium Coloring Pages
August – Ice Cream Cone Printables
September – Autumn Nature Garland
October – Marbled Pumpkins DIY
November – Hand Lettered Printable Recipe Cards
December – DIY Nature Wreath with Orange

DIY’s range from free printables, coloring pages, delicious recipes, and lots of fun stuff. Click the link below to visit each DIY!


It’s the perfect way to add making & crafting to your 2017 New Year’s Resolutions!


In case you missed it above…

And if you’ve got DIY on the brain for 2017 here’s our full list of DIYs that you can try anytime! You can find Pom Pom Burgers, printables to make into shrinky dink jewelry and so many fun things.

Thanks for being a part of our lives in 2016, comment below with your New Year’s Resolutions, and reach out anytime to stay in touch with us at Pop Shop America.


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