Fizzy Lemon Meringue Pie Bath Bombs DIY

Lemon meringue pie bath bombs diy pop shop america

Let’s relax! If you love a good soak as much as I do, then you must try these Fizzy Lemon Meringue Pie Bath Bombs. They are bubbly, fruity, sweet and perfect for relaxing in the tub.

It’s such a great alternative to our Floral Milk Bath Soaks Recipe.  The Floral Milk Bath Soaks are full of dried flowers will give you just a light exfoliation. It’s so nice.

And I also love this DIY Pink Rose Salt Soak Recipe that’s just the thing for tired worn out muscles.

But these Fizzy Lemon Meringue Pie Bath Bombs are a fruit burst that it fun to make and makes a great gift!

diy fizzy lemon meringue pie bath bombs

Supplies to Make Fizzy Lemon Meringue Pie Bath Bombs:

Bath Bomb Molds
Or as an Alternative Plastic Holiday Ornaments
Epsom Salt
Citric Acid
Baking Soda
Corn Starch
Almond Oil
Lemon Essential Oil
Orange Essential Oil
Vanilla Essential Oil
Yellow Food Dye

You will use such a small amount of these that most of your supplies will last! They are all easy to find and helpful to keep in your pantry. So let’s make these Bath Bombs!

how to make diy lemon meringue pie fizzy bath bombs

How to Make Fizzy Lemon Meringue Pie Bath Bombs:

Scroll down if you want to go straight to the printable recipe and here are some quick tips. It’s the citric acid that makes the bath bombs fizz and water that activates it.

That means, while making these, you must be careful with the amount of water you add. Because I’m in a humid area, I add a bit less water. If you are in a dry area you may need more. Just be sure that you are adding enough water to where the ingredients clump together when pressed – thus will firmly hold their shape in their mold.

Fizzing Bath Bombs also do well in a chilly environment. They don’t hold their shape as well during hot, hot summers. So I make my bath bombs in the fall or winter!

If you want to make them striped with color like mine, it’s easy! Just separate your finished mix before adding it to the molds into two bowls. In one bowl, add a tiny amount of yellow food color and mix thoroughly. You do not need to add dye to your other bowl. Then layer your mix into the molds alternating between the colorless and the yellow! Be sure to press each layer firmly together.

diy fizzy lemon meringue pie bath bombs
[gmc_recipe 39401]  
lemon meringue pie bath bomb recipe pop shop america

So what are you going to do with your Fizzy Lemon Meringue Pie Bath Bombs DIY? Give them as gifts or treat yourself? Tell us in the comments! And need more Bath & Body DIYs? These are our most popular make DIY Skin Smoothing Coffee Scrub here and DIY Easy Lavender Sugar Scrub here.

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