Free Adult Coloring Book Printable Calendar with Plants

2022 Adult Coloring Monthly Free Calendar

Happy 2022! Here’s a Printable Calendar that’s fun to interact with. It’s a coloring book calendar featuring an array of plants, terrariums, air plants and more!

It’s perfect for doodling while you are on long calls. It’s a great way to escape and relax all year long. Best of all it’s free to download!


january adult coloring calendar 2021

If you are looking for a different kind of calendar for 2022, download this free craft calendar here! This calendar has 12 unique craft tutorials that are perfect for the month and perfect for the season! It will inspire you with colorful diy’s that you can make. It has ideas like DIY Clay Beads, delicious and healthy spa water recipes, and a clay moon phase wall hanging. Every month has new inspiration to craft and create.

february 2021 adult coloring calendar

But this Adult Coloring calendar is all about plants! Because we are plant coloring crazy.

To download this calendar, simply use the button at the top or bottom to sign up for our email and get immediately transferred to to the downloadable pdf. From there, you can keep it as a computer background, print it out on regular copy paper, or go high end and print it out on smooth card stock. You can keep the calendar for as long as you need and print it as many times as you wish. Of course you can’t sell it or distribute it for money!

As for the coloring, you can use an array of different media. If you print it out on thick paper you could use markers. Thinner paper is better for crayons or colored pencils. Although this is an Adult Coloring Book because the lines are so thin and there are so many details to color, this coloring book is perfect for anyone – kids too!

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So download this Free Adult Coloring Book Printable Calendar with Plants now! And Happy 2022 from us at Pop Shop America!

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