How to Make a Punch Needle Rug

how to make a punch needle rug feature

supplies to make a punch needle rug

place the template underneath the cloth

draw in the template on the monk's cloth

drawn in design on the monk's cloth

supplies to make a punch needle embroidery

how to thread a punch needle tool with yarn

how to put yarn in a punch needle threader

pull the yarn through the punch needle tool

how to pull the yarn through a punch needle tool

loading the punch needle embroidery tool

using the punch needle to begin punching

starting to punch the monk's cloth

place the punch needle in your lap

what the back should look like

punching the outside of the monstera leaf

make additional rows of stitches

continue to layer and layer the stitches

fill in the monstera leaf stitching

how to start a 2nd color of yarn

adding more than 1 color of yarn

sections of gold yarn in the punch needle

filling in the 2nd section of gold diy pop shop america

threading a punch needle tool with more yarn

place yarn in the punch needle threader tutorial

how to use a punch needle embroidery tool

threaded punch needle tool tutorial

punching the rug with pink yarn

add small sections of pink in the monstera leaf

make sure all your punches are even

filling in the background of the punch needle

check the punch needle rug as you work

fill in the center of the monstera leaf

finished punch needle rug still on the frame

finished punch needle embroidery rug

finished punch needle rug off the frame

cut the threads of the yarn

cutting the threads off the punch needle

cut the edges of the monk's cloth

finishing the rug edges with yarn

use yarn to finish the edges of a rug

how to make a edge finishing with yarn

when you get to the end of the yarn

tie the ends to make a diy embroidered rug

wrap the edges of the rug corners

how to wrap the corners of the rug

how to wrap the rug edges craft tutorial

tie the knot to finish a punch needle rug edge

finished rug before adding tassels

how to make a tassel for a rug

wind the thread around a piece of cardstock

wind the yarn around to make a yarn tassel

make a short length of yarn to make a tassel

tie a knot on top to make a tassel

cut the winding yarn to make a tassel

diy tassel for a rug craft tutorial

tie a second knot to make a diy yarn tassel

how to attach a tassel to a rug

finished punch needle rug diy tutorial

close up of the diy punch needle rug

detail of the rug and tassel diy

cobra standing on a diy punch needle rug

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