How to Make Easy Boho Leather Bracelets

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I love things that are handmade with fine quality supplies. That’s one of the greatest tricks to making extremely stylish design goods is having the right materials. I’m huge fan of leather, concrete, wood, and gemstones. When I saw these leather cords, I immediately wanted to make these boho leather bracelets.

boho leather bracelet tutorial

They are so easy, carefree and stylish.

Here are your Supplies:

supplies to make a boho leather bracelet

Antique Corded Leather (I used Rose & Natural but you can use any Color You like)

Super Soft Suede Cord

Magnetic Clasps (those Small Silver Pieces in the Center)


Fiskars Scissors – or Any Large Sharp Scissors

You don’t actually need wire cutters. I just had some around in case of leather disasters or in case I needed to trim anything tiny. If you are asking yourself – how much leather do you need? The answer is up to you. You definitely want enough leather cord to wrap around your wrist a few times. Also consider that the bracelets look fabulous when they are different lengths – like some wrapping around your wrist twice while others three or four times. This makes the whole look more carefree and less matchy-matchy.

cut the leather cord to make a leather bracelet easy diy

Loosely measure the cord around your wrist. Find your desired length and cut the cord at an angle. You know the saying “measure twice, cut once”? Now is a good time to try that out. I often cut a little long and then trim the cord shorter until I reach the perfect length.

cut the leather cord boho bracelet diy photo

use e6000 on the magnetic clasp boho bracelet leather diy

Use a tiny drop of E6000 to attach the leather to the magnetic jewelry finding. All you need is a few drops or enough for the inside of the finding to be coated. If you end up with glue on the outside scrape it off with a pointy piece of paper. E6000 takes a full 24 hours to cure – so be sure to wait a day before wearing these bracelets.

This next bracelet doesn’t require anything except a really cool leather slip knot. I’m sure you’ve seen them a million times. They are easy to learn but require a little patience the first time around.

suede boho bracelet how to make a leather slip knotstep 1 how to tie a leather slip knot


step 2 how to tie a leather slip knot boho bracelet diystep 3 how to create a slip knot leather bracelet boho bracelet diy tutorial


step 4 how to tie a leather slip knot boho bracelet diy tutorialstep 5 how to tie a leather knot how to make a leather bracelet


step 6 how to tie a moving knot leather bracelet

Here is a link to an illustration of how to make a leather slip knot.

finished leather boho bracelets diy in leather tray

prairie grass finished boho leather bracelet diy blog post

diy boho leather bracelet blog post tutorial boho jewelry diy


how to make an easy leather boho bracelet final



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