The Woman’s Hospital of Texas & Putting My Health First in 2019

put your health first in 2019

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Entrepreneur. Friend. Maker. Yogi.
Those are just a few words to describe me. Every woman is unique and I am no exception.

All the qualities I have in common with other women and all the qualities that make me different became crystal clear the first time I visited The Woman’s Hospital of Texas last year. I went to visit a dear friend who had her first baby! We were so happy.

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She had a pretty rough pregnancy and there were a couple of moments along the way where we became concerned, so we’re just so grateful that we had a new little cutie to see and we were all so glad that everything went smoothly.

It was such a special moment and reminded me how lucky I am to know my friend. What was even more amazing was the staff of doctors, nurses, and everyone else at The Woman’s Hospital of Texas. We felt so taken care of like there was a personal connection between the doctors and their patients. It was no surprise to learn that Woman’s welcomes nearly 1,000 newborns a month! I know my friend had the best at Woman’s. It wasn’t just care, it was personalized care before, during, and after her pregnancy.

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For over 40 years, as the premier facility for the healthcare needs of women, The Woman’s Hospital of Texas has been putting woman first. That’s woman – singular – because that’s how patients are looked at, thought about, approached and treated. One at a time as the unique individual that my friend is and as the unique individual that I am.

Woman’s taught me while I was there that every patient that comes through the door has a story. A story that needs to be heard. A story not just of interest, but of healing. Listening to and learning from those individual stories and those unique journeys is how they provide a respectful and personalized kind of care that’s not offered anywhere else.

That’s why I’m making a pledge in 2019 to put my health first. I’m focused on establishing good work/home life balance, sleeping well, and eating well. I’m making my first appointment at The Woman’s Hospital of Texas in 2019, a hospital I plan to stay with for the rest of my life. They provide a full-range of comprehensive care to a woman at every stage of her life. From adolescence, to pregnancy, to menopause and beyond.

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And the baby born at Woman’s that I was telling you about, well she just turned 1! What will she be? An Entrepreneur. A Friend. A Yogi. Or maybe just like her mother? Probably something different but equally as perfect. Whatever it is, I can’t wait to see.

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