Top 5 Gilded Animal DIY’s

DIY packaging with gilded animals

It’s amazing when a pinterest craft goes from being a trend to a craft classic. I think that gilded animal DIY’s are just that!

Bloggers have created them and recreated them in lots of different unique ways. And it’s great every time. They’re easy enough for a social craft night. They’re versatile & interesting. They’re upscale enough to include in a wedding. We’ve even taught a gilded animals workshop at TX/RX Labs Makerspace. Some students were advanced while other’s had never crafted before. The results with the same – a quick and beautiful finished product!

Here’s  our Top 5 Ways to Use Your Gilded Animal DIY. Because after all, what the heck are you supposed to do with these critters? We also included some tips and tricks to getting your gilded animals as perfect as the ones in these photos.

terrarium with dinos

1. Terrariums

Put them inside a terrarium to make an epic scene.  You could change the color and make the dinos stark white, black or gilded for a completely different color palette. Or use deer or bunnies for a more innocent terrarium. When gilding, I like to prime the animals with a heavy bodied acrylic paint. It helps to brighten the gilding.

gilded animal candle holders

2. Candle Holders

This is an easy one and it could really dress up a birthday party. All you need to do are find the candles that have have the plastic drip catchers that you would use on a birthday cake. With a tiny drill bit, I used a dremel, make a small incision into the gilded animal where the candle can sit. When you are drilling hold the gilded animal firmly and use a pumping motion to help draw out the debris. Make sure you are very accurate with your angle of the drill so that your candle will sit up and down and not lean over to the side.

bunny mason jars

3. Top a Mason Jar

This is fabulous for gilding but check out how amazing these animal topped mason jars can look in other colors. Most glues do okay for adhering the pieces. I prefer E6000 for just about anything but of it’s strong hold and versatility.

gilded animals with place cards

4. Placecard Holders

It’s so simple! Just print out the names of your guests on lovely card stock in a beautiful font. Cut them out, hole punch, and string them around the animal. Viola. One of the coolest things about gilding is that it comes in copper, gold, and silver. So you can mix and match your color palette. Check out the different color variations here

gilded animal ring dish

5. Ring Dish

This DIY is by Doe a Deery blog and can be done in a lot of different styles. You could paint triangles and patterns along the ring dish like this. Or you can make the ring dish itself with this clay ring dish diy.

diy packaging with gilded animals


These aren’t exactly gilded but they are made with miniature animals. This is from Captain & the Gypsy Kid blog but you’ll have to search around their website to find it! What a stylish way to package tiny gifts. 



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